Blue Canary

Classic everyday wear from Slowthreads India for the modern, thinking woman in hues of blue, yellow, and white. With our lightweight natural fabrics, effortless outfit solutions, and cooling color palettes, summer dressing is a breeze.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I loved the fabric. Those elegant stripes and relaxed fit. Helped me beat the heat at location. Have been living in these dresses from Slowthreads!
— Rima Kallingal (Actor / Producer)
Customer reviews
Love both the garments cos they are even better than I expected. The rope tie just above the waist is so flattering and the shoulders are perfect, I love it!
— Charu Ramchandani (Business Leader)
Customer reviews
Wearing this Kaftan to survive the heat of Hyderabad. Thank you Slowthreads! Love the way it fits and makes me feel 💗
— Sheeba Raveendran (HR Professional)
Customer reviews
The dress from Slowthreads is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with it and the material. It fits like a dream and is so so so comfortable 😍
Am eyeing the Kaftan next ;)
— Sapna Krishnan (Independent Marketer)