Kaftan Stories

No contraptions and no constrictions! Kaftans are the most elegant of loungewear and are a staple for anyone who prefers the perfect blend of comfort and style. Our chic Kaftan dresses are free-flowing and made from breathable Kala Cotton clothing and look flattering on all body sizes!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I loved the fabric. Those elegant stripes and relaxed fit. Helped me beat the heat at location. Have been living in these dresses from Slowthreads!
— Rima Kallingal (Actor / Producer)
Customer reviews
Love both the garments cos they are even better than I expected. The rope tie just above the waist is so flattering and the shoulders are perfect, I love it!
— Charu Ramchandani (Business Leader)
Customer reviews
Wearing this Kaftan to survive the heat of Hyderabad. Thank you Slowthreads! Love the way it fits and makes me feel 💗
— Sheeba Raveendran (HR Professional)
Customer reviews
The dress from Slowthreads is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with it and the material. It fits like a dream and is so so so comfortable 😍
Am eyeing the Kaftan next ;)
— Sapna Krishnan (Independent Marketer)