Minimal and Breezy

Blue Canary - the all purpose comfort wear slow fashion collection from Slowthreads. 100% natural and responsibly made.

Our 'flaws are perfect' collection

Luna from Slowthreads, our new slow fashion collection with silhouttes and styles for the ever adapting mind and body

Goodness of Nature in Each Thread

Beautifully crafted, from 100% natural Kala Cotton fabric, by the weavers Slowthreads collaborates with

Eco-friendly Hemp Clothing

Choosing hemp is a small, simple act– but one that can heal the planet without sacrificing style, comfort or quality. Choose Slowthreads

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Love both the garments from Slowthreads cos they are even better than I expected. The rope tie just above the waist is so flattering and the shoulders are perfect, I love it!
— Charu Ramchandani (Business Leader)
Customer reviews
Slowthreads is inspiring me to embrace sustainable fashion. Thanks for the lovely laid back dress for the Easter evening!
— Rima Kallingal, Actor / Producer
Customer reviews
I absolutely love this white Hemp dress. The fit is so perfect, the fabric feels comfy and the pockets are super stylish! Being someone who is crazy about sustainable products, I love everything about it.
— Pinky Kohli
Customer reviews
I loved the fabric. Those elegant stripes and relaxed fit. Helped me beat the heat at location. Have been living in these dresses from Slowthreads!
— Rima Kallingal (Actor/ Producer)
Customer reviews
Wearing this Kaftan to survive the heat of Hyderabad. Thank you Slowthreads! Love the way it fits and makes me feel πŸ’—
— Sheeba Raveendran (HR Professional)
Customer reviews
This dress from Slowthreads is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with it and the material. It fits like a dream and is so so so comfortable 😍
Am eyeing the Kaftan next ;)
— Sapna Krishnan (Independent Marketer)
Customer reviews
If fashion is an expression of self then Slowthreads allowed me to express myself with total abandon. You have one very happy customer 😊😍πŸ₯°πŸ€©
— Sheeja Raveendran (Consultant)
Customer reviews
Loved the fabric, loved the colour, loved the dress β€¦πŸ˜ thank you so much! πŸ’•
Got complimented too πŸ˜€
— Malini Varier
Customer reviews
Most comfy shirt dress from Slowthreads!
Customer reviews
Comfortable dressing has always been my style preference and I am extremely happy with yet another purchase from SLOWTHREADS. It's difficult to get clothes that can be comfy and chic at the same time!
— Sheeba Raveendran, HR Professional
Customer reviews
The beautiful soft yellow shirt dress goes with printed trousers, leggings as well as jeans very well. It is very comfy to wear on its own too. It’s a wonderful fabric, soft to touch and wear, easy to maintain and durable. What I love most about it is - I know where it’s coming from, that it is made ethically and sustainably which makes me happier wearing it.
— Ramya Giri, HR Professional
Customer reviews
Thank you for sending me this super comfortable dress from Slowthreads. It was the perfect dress to beat the humidity and heat.
— Aishwarya Sasidharan, Digital Marketer
Customer reviews
Love the feel of the fabric. The fall & the pattern of the dress make me look chic. Love it .. Thanks a lot Slowthreads
— Meghna Ghosh, Entrepreneur
Customer reviews
LOVE IT! The best piece of clothing I've received in the pregnancy. The only dress that made me feel cool in the heat.
— Priya, Doctor