Our story

In 2020, our Founder Archana Ravi had taken a break from her 18 year old corporate career and decided to slow down and take a breather from the stressors of a corporate life and of course spend more quality time with her toddler and really decide on the next best thing to delve into.

When she realised that getting back to the grind and doing things at a crazy hectic pace was not an option for her, after a lot of thinking she made up her mind to pursue her love for Indian fabrics and the Indian craft, and decided to take the plunge to build a responsible clothing start-up.

Why Slowthreads?

We toyed around with a couple of names, Slowthreads came to us as we were thinking back about what we wanted to stand for – we were not just about using natural fabrics but were also about their stories – being handmade, bringing skilled craftsmen (and women!) and their communities together and all at the same time following fair trade practices and mindfully crafting clothing that is built to last.

Our Belief

- We make garments from Eco Friendly fabrics which are not mass produced.
- We use natural fabrics which are available only in limited quantities.  
- Low impact natural dyes are used in coloring these fabrics which causes less or no impact to the environment as well as to the human skin. 
- We try to use timeless designs and don't follow specific trends.  All of this ensures that our garments are not just long lasting but stay in your wardrobe longer and can be passed down rather than discarded.
- Our philosophy prioritizes the environment, our makers and encourages consumers to buy what they need and also take care of their garments to make them last.

At Slowthreads, while we constantly strive to be more sustainable, we are still learning, and there is a long way for us to go. Feedback is invaluable; if you like what you see or you know a way we could do better, get in touch with us here. Finally, we will leave you here with our maxim – “fashion, but made slow!